Through twenty long years
of widowhood Joan’s life
spread out around her sons
their wives and children,
neighbours, fellow senior
citizens in their gatherings.

Her brothers and sisters as
time went on all passed
away and were duly interred.

Yet the funerals continued
to Joan’s stunned shock
as her sons succumbed
to their father’s faulty heart
genes. They too passed away.

Her numb despair defeated
her grandchildren’s best efforts.
They could not lift her out
of her weighty misery.

Left behind by her husband
and children she withdrew
inside herself, speaking little
and her heartbeat faded away.


14 thoughts on “Widowhood

  1. Enjoyed reading this as it illustrates the plight of widows and how life can be cruel at times. Husband retires and one get used to a partner who is there 24/7, only to be taken away by the grim reaper and the widow is left alone, to cope with this new phase again.

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  2. Thank you very much. I often do sets of three on different themes, and them move on so that I cover a variety of themes. Yes the last three were about turning points in relationships.


  3. So sad, but true. I know the passing of children. We lost two of our adult children. One never expected that. The nights are often the worst. We will never feel the same again but live off the good and happy moments we were fortunate enough to have shared with them.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear you lost your children. I hope it helps that you and Helvi still have each other. “Joan” lost her husband in her early sixties, then her two children in her mid eighties. after she was alone. Little anyone could do to help her.


    1. Thank you. Yes it could be a short story, though I don’t know that I have the skills yet for that. Certainly I enjoying writing these shorter and hopefully more concise pieces.


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