Joan And Fred

After WW II Fred came home
to Joan and their two young sons,
returned to his old prewar job.
In the late forties they camped
in summer holidays at a
beach well north of their
home city.  In the fifties
they bought a little section
above the beach to camp on.
Gradually Fred and the boys
built a little cottage room by
room then sold the caravan,
staying weekends in the cottage.

On retirement Joan wanted to
stay in their cheery little home
in  the friendly suburb with
families who had been her
family for over thirty years.
Fred was adamant they retire
to the cottage. In the end they
moved to the cottage at the
beach now joined to the city
by mushrooming new suburbs.

A year later a massive heart
attack took Fred from Joan’s life

leaving her alone in a new
suburb still feeling uprooted.
Her old home was now occupied,
another move was beyond her.

In her rage she walked the
streets, striding, fast, furious,
venting the anger and despair
erupting inside her, walking
until her rage burnt out

leaving her hollow inside.

Joan And Fred

10 thoughts on “Joan And Fred

  1. I havent’t had time to swing by your blog lately but the latest content is very heart-rending! As married women, we know that we oftentimes we must accompany our men and stand foursquare behind them even if it is to our dissatisfactiom! Thank you, my friend!

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    1. This did happen a fair while ago when women here did not have the property rights their husbands had. Though as Maureen has pointed out, some women still give in today rather than face continual arguments. I do believe major decisions should give equal weight to the situations of both partners.

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