Dolphin Encounter

Surf lifesaver Dad took
fifteen year old daughter with
her two friends on a beach to
beach swim to increase life
saving ocean swimming stamina.

Swimming close to the shore
lest stamina fade the fifteen
year olds splashed among rocks
grazing knees as they passed.

Crossing deeper water past a
wide bay, dolphins encircled them
containing the humans while
banging the water with huge tails.

At last Dad escaped the circle,
saw a shark shadow  below
as did another young life saver
swimming out from the beach.

Looking down at the shark, the
men then looked at each other,
swam back inside the circle.

After 45 minutes the dolphins
ceased their uproar having saved
fellow mammals from a vicious
shark attack … from skinned knees

… five weary swimmers slowly
swam up to the beach.

* Based on a incident off the east coast of
New Zealand’s North Island twelve years ago.

Dolphin Encounter

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