Genetic Bonus

In its best officialese
the guidelines booklet
says Asians, Indians,
and Pacific Islanders
are more susceptible
to the renegade diabetes.

Yet European white people
delete their genetic bonus
by filling themselves with
French fries, battered fish,
steak, sausages, salami, pies,
bacon mashed potatoes, cheese
fried eggs, milk shakes, sweets,
cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks
white pasta, white rice, alcohol

and other forms of salt, sugar,
fats and refined starches in
all their sumptuous glory

to the great advantage of
the renegade diabetes.poetry  d

Genetic Bonus

10 thoughts on “Genetic Bonus

  1. As someone who has been a vegetarian most of my life, avoiding these fast foods and cooking my own food. I still have type 2 sugar diabetes. While it seems there are some links to being overweight etc. It does not follow that because someone is overweight that the pancreas will fail. My doctor pointed out. That it is a symptom of aging, not necessarily of condition. That if they age long enough? Everyone will get diabetes. While it take both medications orally, I also take insulin through injection. Those pills are horrible. My body could not handle metformin. However since a few months back late last year. I started drinking 1Tbs of apple cider vinegar with 1tsp of honey in 1cup of warm water. Sipped slowly. first thing in the morning. It has really helped bring down my fasting sugar levels. My insulin use has also dropped. For as the fasting levels drop, I need to be careful of a hypoglycaemic effect. My last 2 A1C tests have been below 7.0 which is a first for me, since over ten years. Cheers Jamie

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    1. My doctor said age is a factor in type 2 diabetes. Over the last few years I have eaten much less bread, hardly any cookies or cakes, and very few sweets. I have also walked for at least half an hour every day, some times more. Yet I was diagnosed with diabetes after my 70th birthday. The metformin has not bothered me yet, and I do not take insulin. I am hoping that because my diabetes was diagnosed before any obvious symptoms occurred, through blood tests, that it has been found in the early stages. It will be interesting to see what the blood test results are three months after I started medication and the diet.

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  2. Sorry to hear you have diabetes. I’ve eaten more chocolate due to the holidays. Tasty on the lips and then such a feeling of yuck one moment later! Do I stop? No, I have even a little more the next day. Like Charlie Brown says, “Aargh!”
    Well, tomorrow is another day. It won’t be long and the chocolate will be long gone. We bought much, much less this year. Thank goodness. God bless.
    I’m going to tell my husband about the apple cider vinegar. I’d forgotten how good it is for a person.

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    1. Thank you. I could not eat honey and that much neat cider vinegar, but I do have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water first thing every morning, and find it really settles my stomach.


  3. Well, I was younger but it was also a welcome thing for me. It made me smarten up. Be careful with life. Suppose the diagnosis was for terminal cancer of some sort? There are far worse things than diabetes. Take care of the liver, for it has no reason. Cheers Jamie

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    1. Yes it could have been worse. We have bowel cancer on both sides of the family – and in both my parents. Also liver and stomach cancer. Also very serious food intolerances, in one of brother’s three children, and in two out of his grandchildren. We are all very careful. I will be careful of my liver too !

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