Sunday Afternoon Outing

On a sunny Sunday afternoon
the family in their black coats
and white shirts power along
the cliff edges, past the headland
on to the harbour enjoying its
blue green waters, circling past
the harbour beaches staring at
the people on the sand, in the water
and in their cars passing the beaches.

As the family enjoy swimming
and diving in the sheltered harbour,
more people come on to the sand,
more cars crawl along the roads.
As the family still in black coats
and white shirts pause to stare
in between diving and splashing.
“There are even more of them
now,” they remark to each other.

How wonderful to see the orcas *
visiting our harbour say the
people on the harbour beaches.

*Orcas – also colloquially known as “killer whales. “

Sunday Afternoon Outing

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