A Night Out

The black and white cat
had a rip in one ear when
he arrived for breakfast this
morning jumping down from
the back fence after a night
out, seemingly unconcerned
and intent on his meal.

During daytime he relaxes
in sunny patches on spare
bed and couches, or curled
up on a dining chair closely
watching his bowl in the laundry
with a clear view through the
kitchen as Mum cooks dinner.

He used to have a paws up
break in Dad’s office at nights
until he set off the burglar
alarm at 2 am giving Mum and
Dad a nasty fright until they saw
him emerge from his cat
door there – now that feline
access is locked at nights.

So after dark he crosses
the lawn, climbs the back
fence to meet neighbourhood
felines. Let’s hope they are not
rough and ready tonight.

A Night Out

5 thoughts on “A Night Out

  1. Ohh yeah. Used to hate it when he lost and ended up with the claw marks on the back. Which would always go septic. Sometimes undiscovered. Until they exploded leaving an ugly mess, to clean as well the inevitable trip to vet’s for a drain to go in. While I miss the creatures, I’m much happier without having to do all that stuff. Cheers Jamie

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    1. This car is usually a peaceable bloke,but he has to have a night time wander. His “Dad” says cats should just be able to come and go, and be their natural cat selves. Except for setting off the office burglar alarm that is.

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