Along the front of my flat
flourishes a little garden
with prolific displays of
leaves and flowers on rose
bushes and a lone hebe.
At their feet alyssum and
lobelia cover bare soil with
their leaves and tiny flowers.

Tall straggling cornflower plants
were removed as they died off.
Only those that finished later
were left with their bright
blue flowers still lingering
on by the front door, gradually
dropping petals and seeds to
fill the garden with blue
flowers another day.

In the warm misty morning
rain a goldfinch perches
on withering stems drooping
down to the ground, pecking
out seeds from their faded
dead flower heads.

There go my blue cornflowers !


14 thoughts on “Goldfinch

  1. Great poem and visual. I enjoyed it and hopefully the Goldfinch will pass out some seeds in her droppings and more lovely blooms will sprout all around.

    I am attaching a link to my video here. Please support me by watching and possibly subscribing. Thank you. Jacqueline

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    1. Thank you for this video. I have seen quite a lot of inspirational messages in various forms in my 70 years, and have all I need for this. All the best for your future endeavours.


  2. How I missed this when you first posted it I do not know but I have found it now and might want to reblog it with your permission. We have the gold finch here where I live and that’s a long way from New Zealand. It’s coincidental, but we are nearly the same age; I’ll turn 70 next month…:)

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    1. Thank you. Yes certainly reblog this poem. We have a lot of English birds brought by early European settlers, and they have all bred prolifically. Interesting we are similar in age. I think a lot of people blogging on WP are retired, going by the content of their posts.


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