The Doormat

The pristine back porch has
been hosed down along with
the flat’s outer walls. Cobwebs
and bird poo, dust flicked
up by rain, moss spreading up
from the path, all were removed
by the hose’s fierce blast, and
divots of mud and grass from
the teenager’s golf practice
on the back lawn next door.

The back door and its doorstep
and frame are all newly painted
after the hose washed away
many flakes of their paint
along with all other debris.

On this pristine porch floor
with gleaming surface in the
early morning sun, all cleared
of leaves and cobwebs lies
the clean doormat…. criss
crossed by shining snail trails !poetry

The Doormat

One thought on “The Doormat

  1. Trust those yucky creatures, to spoil it …. when i owned my property in B.C. interior; it was the same. Clean it and the next dat snails or slugs would leave their trail, especially in the warm months. Like a meandering pattern known only to themselves … hehe

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