Car Seats

Dad removed the girls’
car seats, laid them on the
driveway, fixed a frame
for a baby capsule behind
the front seats ready for
the new family member
due to arrive soon.

On the long back seat of
the seven seater van he
fixed the girls’ car seats
then they all climbed into
the van and drove off to
the vast mega hardware
store to buy hedge plants.

“You’re sucking your thumbs !”
called Dad. The girls aghast
stared at each other in shock !

When behind the front seats their
own seats faced backwards, out of
sight of their parents’ sharp eyes.

Now in the back of the van they
faced forwards !  The rear vision
mirror exposed thumb suckers to
their parents’  alert gaze !

Big school girls should only
suck their thumbs in bed at
night as they go to sleep.

Car Seats

6 thoughts on “Car Seats

    1. Yes, thank you. “Dad” was retelling that story a few times over the next few days. He was highly amused by the shocked looks on the culprits’ faces. It is for their own good as they really would be better off not being seen to suck their thumbs at school.

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