Our first cicada* this summer
sang today, several weeks
after they started singing in
earlier years, so late in summer
after many cool cloudy rainy
weeks that we are now close
to what have always been
the Autumn months.

Will the cicadas have much
less time to lay eggs ?
Or will summer stretch
across the Autumn months ?

Our first monarch butterfly
laid eggs on my swan plants
today, some weeks after they
used to start laying eggs.

Will they have enough hot
weather to lay eggs this
summer ? Or will only
a few butterflies hatch  ?

Summer is so confused
this year the insects
are in crisis mode.

I have seen no praying
mantises this summer.

Cicadas are about the size of crickets or slightly larger.
Their song is very different and much louder.


14 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Do you think we are going to have summer? It is nearly midday and the temperature is 16 c.
    I haven’t heard the Cicadas this year and that’s strange for Waitara.
    Think we missed out on summer.
    Have a nice warm day if you can.

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    1. I seriously wonder. Here in the Manawatu we have had rain, which is good, but not often had temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. Usually we have those in January and February, and part way into March. We should have had praying mantises by now, and we haven’t. It is a pleasant day in the low twenties here, but not hot enough for our little insects fear. I hope you can keep warm.

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  2. Hi Glenys. You might want to edit, second word third paragraph? I hope the weather is better for you?

    Up north here. The winter is cooler and wetter than usual on Pacific coast of Canada, also. Not unusually so.yet definitely tending; it does seem cyclical in nature?

    What I’m more alarmed about is the radiation pouring into the ocean from that crippled nuclear plant in Japan. I feel sure it will start being noticeable in about three to five years? Already, the starfish have all but disappeared from our coastline. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Ooops !! All fixed now. Thanks Jamie. We have a very vocal environmentally aware section in our population and i have not heard much from them about the radiation. There is huge concern here about overfishing in the Southern Ocean by Korean, Japanese and Chinese fishing boats with virtual slave labour from the poverty stricken Philippine Islands and Indonesia. Both concerns are vital, and both are covered by different countries. Unfortunately we have to spread our efforts as best we can.


  3. Oh, dear! I hadn’t heard of the Japanese spill or the slaves on fishing boats. Life can be harsh sometimes. We, in Upstate, NY freeze for a day or two and then go about in light weight jackets. We’re supposed to be leaving the coldest month and then gently find some Spring at the end of March. My next door neighbors started preparing their garden sometime in January! We used to get one January thaw and then bundle for two – three months, or longer. Something’s up. I liked your poem.
    One year I worried about the lack of birds, but they seem to be plentiful now. God bless.

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  4. There is so much going on in the world today that needs support. All we can do is look at what we are able to do in light of our abilities and commitments in our own society, then act as best we can.


    1. Thank you very much. Rachel MacAlpine, on “Write Into Life” and “Poems In The Wild” said how much she enjoyed your blog. As I enjoy her blogs, I thought I would enjoy yours, which I do.


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