Changing Scenes

He walked down the busy main
road, searching for someone,
not sure who, then back to the
place where he lived now.

She came in, said Mrs Brown saw
him going down the road. Why ?
She had said she wouldn’t be long.

He wanted to drive himself to the
club but she drove him there, said
he kept forgetting where he was.

He was a good driver, could drive fast,
needed a big car to go really fast
so the blokes at the club would
remember he was a real driver.

They packed everything in a truck
which drove away. Next day they
drove all day – well, she drove

up to a little house and parked the
car. She walked him over the road,
down the drive into a big hallway.

Two women met them, walked with them
along corridors and into a bedroom.
This is your room now they told him.

He says they should drive all day
back to the place they came from.
Then everything would be all right.

Changing Scenes

8 thoughts on “Changing Scenes

    1. Thank you. Yes it is sad and happening more and more as we live longer and some of us have our ageing process spread out over a longer time. Like babies and childhood, I think this is another topic that needs to be included in poetry. The old man could not understand that the situations of his family and caregiver had to be included in the overall decisions made for his care. Had he not been put into care life would have been very difficult for many people. his children for a start, who had to work to support themselves and their families. old age is a real lottery these days.

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      1. Finding a care home can be very difficult as there appear to be more people needing them than spaces. A colleague is really struggling to find somewhere for his mother.

        And I agree with you about poetry needing to cover these subjects. I have had poetry rejected by magazines as ‘family’ poetry is not real poetry.

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      2. I hope your colleague does find somewhere for his mother as dementia patients are very unco- operative in their confusion. His partner and children need him too. I was also interested to see that you had “family” poetry specifically rejected for not being “real” poetry. I try to cover a wide range of topics within my experience, but I will definitely continue to include “family” poetry in what I write and post. Luckily WordPess does not restrict us in what we write, except for the bounds of normal decency. I am in the position of seeing the family I visit one afternoon a week, and on extended family occasions, which lets me observe babies and children without the responsibility of running their home and upbringing.

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