A Call From An Editor

Designated poets, esteemed writers
at a national poetry magazine
scrutinised my submitted poems
among a vast heap of others.

From his faraway megacity office
the editor telephoned to mentor me.
Excited that an eminent literary figure
should call me I jotted down his words.

My mood flattened as he spoke of
writing sounds and words in patterns
and juxtapositions, auditory and visual,
of deftness with obscure metaphors.

What about the people ?  The story ?
I wondered. What about everyday lives
of everyday people in an everyday world ?
Awed by his stature I said nothing.

He told of his writing’s rejection here
seventy years ago, his joy as his style
then his poems were accepted, published
overseas then in our own country.

Now  he was highly regarded by the
highly regarded literati of the west.
Today his style is esteemed, but not mine.

Yet the internet releases me from
the need to find publication in
local and overseas print runs.

The world wide web
brings world wide forums
in a world wide range.

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A Call From An Editor

13 thoughts on “A Call From An Editor

  1. I like your poetry. As I read writing books by James Scott Bell and Dr. Dennis Hensley and others, I realize that many are saying, “What do you want to do with your words?”
    Many notable writers got rejections from the publishers and later on those publishers probably moaned and groaned over what could have been. I’m glad you’re keeping on with your poetry. I certainly enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it. I decided that I do not have to make a living from my writing, I live on my pension. Nor am I concerned about having a reputation as a good writer, so I can write what and how I want to write.


      1. I just took out a book from the library by Marjorie Holmes. She did want to make an income. So, in the nineties, she compiled her essays into a book. I’m looking forward to reading her down to earth stories. I’m glad you are making your writing available and not worried about charging people so that they can be blessed by your poems. Take care.

        Liked by 1 person

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