Mobility Scooter

Walking along the footpath
from the supermarket I heard
a speeding battery motor whirring
behind me, no remote controlled toy
but an elder person’s mobility scooter.

I jumped aside as it shot past me,
a Harley Davidson of Elder travel today.
With four sturdy wheels and
a star trek captain’s throne
flying an aerial with three flags
it powered past me, majestic,magnificent.

Its driver fixed me with a beady eyed stare,
a tiny old lady, her only helmet
her own short grey hair,
emitting strong disdain for
people on foot, lugging shopping bags.

She was gone in seconds
around the corner
leaving me transfixed on the kerb.

Originally posted 1 March 2016. 

Mobility Scooter

10 thoughts on “Mobility Scooter

  1. There may entirely come a day, when I might need one? I sure hope not. I find them to be an abysmal blot on humanity’s landscape. In the shopping malls and supermarkets. On the streets, in the roads. People use them. I feel sure that if they just rose up, like Lazarus? They might find that walking is better for them, than those seats. No matter what personal pains they have. There but for fortune … go I.

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    1. Cynthia says:

      That’s like telling someone with a broken leg to walk it off… You realize that some disabled people require scooters to get around and without them they’d be stuck inside doing nothing, right?

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      1. Unfortunately some drivers on mobility scooters do not drive safely while on the foot path, and that is what I was referring to. This was not an isolated incident, just a particularly incongruous one. The ones who do not drive safely, whom I and my friends have encountered, have all looked to be in their seventies and eighties, not physically disabled but just not up to walking long distances. They need to consider the pedestrians on the foot path, just as they would have to consider the safety of other drivers if they were driving on the road.

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    2. People in their seventies and eighties unfortunately can reach a stage where they can not walk long distances. The mother of a friend I used to work with really wanted to walk long distances but her knees gave out on her. The mobility scooter gave her back her independence. In this case genetics beat her, as it is beating other people I know in their seventies and eighties.


      1. Absolutely. Good for you. I’m already feeling a difference in my low 60’s, so today I walked outside some because for some reason our area experienced 40 degrees F when it’s been in the low 20’s – brrr cold. I used ot walk with my mom when I could, but she stopped at around age 70 and it hurt her to do so. Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate you.

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