On Standing Up…And Choosing Hope

Denise lives in Alabama, USA and previously wrote about family, performing and lecturing in music, poetry.. This week she took a new direction.

The View from Here

I’m going to honest- yesterday was tough. I am typically not a political person, but I have been shaken to my core and feel called to dosomething to stand up for what I believe in. I can’t sit on the sidelines this time around- there is too much at stake for so many. It goes far beyond a Republican/ Democratic issue; I have lived under Republican presidents many years during my lifetime- I have no problem with that. I may not have agreed with their policies, but never before have I felt such dread in my heart- nor have I seen this country that I love so bitterly divided with no relief in sight. Instead of the words of unity and peace that we desperately needed, yesterday brought yet more arrogant words of exclusion and division. There have already been promises to completely cut the National Endowments of the…

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On Standing Up…And Choosing Hope

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