Mrs Jones did her home chores
all day as she ran her home
just as her foremothers did.
Mr Jones took all this as his due
for long days at a man’s job
just as his forefathers did.

After more than forty years
he was puzzled when
shopping was not done,
clothes were not washed.
Mrs Jones was puzzled too,
she stared at him blankly
when asked if dinner was ready.

Mr Jones knew what men did
which was not cooking dinner
but only he was cooking meals.

Mrs Jones did her best.
She put the pan on the element,
turned it on, then wandered outside
to stare at the magnolia tree.
She put in the plug
filled the hand basin
with hot water and
was shocked when
the bathroom floor
scalded her feet.

When Mr Jones came home from shopping
the iron was smoking on its board.
He awoke one morning to find
a fire in the pan on the stove.

The doctor filled in forms,
officials met Mrs Jones.
Mr Jones filled in forms
and visited places.

Mrs Jones moved into her rest home room,
they cook dinner for her there.
Mr Jones cooks his own dinner at home.

Originally posted 16 February 2016.


9 thoughts on “Housework

  1. Well, at least you know someone reads them closely. Typos are an inevitability. The spell checks will not pick that up. At least I’m good for something? My father usually told me, the opposite. Which is just the thing to boost self-confidence. He thought he was joking. Yet it seemed to me, to be his way of putting others down? Cheers Jamie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just as well you did read it closely, otherwise there would have been some very confused readers. Our father went in for put downs, especially of my brother, then claimed we knew what we meant. I think we did too, and it was not positive. We never did become close to him, at any point in his lifetime.


      1. The strange thing is? All my friends thought he was great. I think that was another way of undermining confidence? Was I close? Not really. Yet I know it’s what he craved. He wanted a clone of himself, to live vicariously through. I know he loved me but, .. the big but. His father, my grandfather, died when he was about 2 years old. So, i don’t believe he could relate to being a parent He was very upwardly mobile, driven. Cheers Jamie.

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      2. Yes our Dad could turn on the charm when it suited him and our friends thought he was alright too. But he was impossible for us too live with long term, we all moved on.


  2. What an amazing poem. I’ve been struggling to find common words lately. I’m putting it down to stress and staying up too late. That is changing! My daughter just told me that fillings in teeth made from metal, I thought it was silver, is leaking mercury. I’m going to ask my dentist. Ah well, I try not to worry, life is too short. I ended up in a nursing home looking for an office that was nearby. All the patients had Alzheimer’s and the workers were in need of more aids and more nurses. I saw some patients so happy with their dolls. I guess it’s hardest on the Mr. Jones than the Mrs. Jones if she’s in a halfway decent place.

    Liked by 1 person

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