Jobs now vanish everywhere
as a widespread global surge
of ninepins spills out
on town and city streets.

This little academic city
was breeding a business heart
which  now is bleeding out its life,
its ninepins roll in the gutter.

No occupation takes beginners
except perhaps conglomerates
with their instant conveyered food
who take the low priced youth.

Enterprising unemployed
no longer knock on doors.
Websites have no street addresses,
no clearly numbered homes.

I fill in forms on the silver screen,
have them printed and signed,
then ride them along that silver cable
seeking a new paid workplace.

Originally posted 5 February 2016.


8 thoughts on “Redundant

  1. I place ads in a free-to-the-community shopping paper in the States. I usually get a call every time I place an ad, although once I didn’t get hired. I pray like crazy that no one will want to hire me for something I’m not qualified to do. I also pray I’ll get hired. I tell them I’m a writer, etc. We live in an economically depressed area, but somehow God provides when we get low on income. I sure am grateful for that. Once again, I like your poems. Clear thoughts that touch other people’s reality.

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