By The River

Under a thundercloud sky portending
a drenching deluge I walked along
the rushing river skirting the town.
At the water’s edge marled grey rocks
mingled with pale ochre rocks all smoothed
by millenia of flowing waters.
Dark currents swirled in deep midstream
reflecting darker clouds.

I walked through ragged grass
along the water’s edge
careless of the coming downpour.
Feeling caged in my house
I had to walk.

I had hoped to stay for life
in this country town,
but was cast aside, redundant,
like so many others
in this rural county.
Job applications
had brought nothing.

Dread of the future, of packing up
and moving, finding a city home
surged over me in waves
with grief for friends and workmates,
and my little country home.
I would have to leave them all.
Fears of new employment,
of interviews and agencies
paralysed my thoughts.
How would I do it all ?

Some years later I passed through
that little town but could not
walk along that river.
When I looked at it
dread, grief, fear welled up in me
as if it were only yesterday
that I walked along its banks.
I turned and walked away.

Originally posted 2 February 2016.

By The River

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