The Little Pink Tricycle

The little pink tricycle
with its fat white wheels
was given to Chloe
when she started to walk.

After Chloe turned four
she rode the big tricycle
…with pedals.
Now Claire happily rushed
the little pink tricycle
up and down the drive.

At four Claire tried riding
the big tricycle – with pedals.
It was slower than the pink tricycle.
Her blue Christmas scooter
was fast and fun to ride, but
Claire still remembered
good times with the pink
tricycle, still rushed it
up and down the drive.

As time went on it was not such fun.
At last Claire had to see that her knees
would not fit under the handlebars.
The little pink tricycle went slowly
now her knees had to stay
out to the sides.

With some regret she now
leaves it in the garage.

The Little Pink Tricycle

10 thoughts on “The Little Pink Tricycle

  1. I loved the description how her knees would hit the handlebars…Oh those long legs we once had. In my family the moment someone moved up to the bigger version someone below grabbed the smaller version. I had eight brothers and sisters after me. So nothing was new for long and nothing ever got wasted.

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    1. Thank you. These two have a problem with the younger one being tall solid build and the older one being small and slight. Their parents get asked if they are twins- no . But both need the same size at the same time.


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