Picking Flowers

Tall trees shade
the garden’s back corner
where plants sprawl
over the ground
in a rampant wilderness.
Violets spread prolifically
around gnarled tree roots
their clumps of leaves
speckled with
tiny purple flowers.
Wandering Jew crawls
over tree roots
around violets and
long stemmed grass clumps.
Bright green oxalis starred
with tiny mauve flowers
fills in the gaps.

The three year old is
enthralled by this
multi hued carpet
dappled light and dark
by wind fluttering leaves:
enchanted by its flowers and
tall grass seed stems.

She walks through it
picking flowers
and seed stems
followed by the
black and white cat
who stared up at the branches
watching birds fly away
when his collar bell jingles.


Picking Flowers

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