A Cup Of Tea

On Bob’s priceless Saturdays
every minute must be used.

Today rush through the shower
dress in weekend clothes
devour eggs and toast.
Time for a cup of tea
before collecting cousin Jim
from the airport to stay the week.
Check the day’s list of jobs
while the teabag in the mug
brews a rich strong hue.

**** !! We need the wood
for Uncle Tom this morning
to put skirting around
the new laundry !
Bob leaves his tea to brew
drives found to the timber yard
puts the timber in his station wagon.

Fred at the checkout
watches through the showroom window,
waits for him to come and pay.
But Bob sits in his car
again – does not move.
Fred runs out,
stares at Bob,
calls an ambulance.

Bob’s wife and son
white faced, stunned,
come with police
to identify, answer questions.
Bob is taken away.

Back in their silent home
in the kitchen they see
the tea bag –
sitting in its mug.
The tea is now
a rich strong hue.

A Cup Of Tea

4 thoughts on “A Cup Of Tea

    1. Bob had a massive heart attack as he stacked the timber in his car. He sat down, probably to wait until the pain passed. He was dead by the time the ambulance arrived. It was all very sudden.


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