Korean Kindergarten Lunch

We line up with our lunch trays
for Mrs Park and Mrs Kim
to serve our dinner.
The youngest go first and
sometimes we have to wait
because Henry plays instead of
washing his hands.

Ooooh !  Look at Henry’s lunch !!
Octopus !   It doesn’t taste of anything !
And it takes so long to chew.
I hope Mr David tips mine in the bin
back in our classroom when we are eating.
Last week he tipped my yucky
seaweed rice globs in the bin.
Yay !  Only seaweed in the soup today.

Crumbed cutlets cut up in strips !
with honey mustard sauce !
Even Mrs Jenny eats that.
Mrs Park gives her lots.
And yellow pickled radish !
Mmmm !

Mrs Jenny is still learning how
to use metal chopticks.
On her first day here
Mrs Kim turned her chopsticks
round the right way
in her hand.
Foreigners are very strange.

Korean Kindergarten Lunch

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