Cram Schools

After 8am to 2pm classes
Korean elementary school
children scurry in ten seater
vans to city cram school
classes in maths, science,
violin playing, English,
Tae Kwon do, and other
subjects sought by eager
Korean mothers whose
duty is to choose correctly
for their children’s education.

Three seventy minute classes
roll on to 6.30 pm as vans
continuously drop off
and collect the young students.
After 7 pm dinner and
homework under mothers’
watchful eyes the children
sleep until breakfast next
day and school again at 8 am.

In high school the days
lengthen to 10 pm then
on to team sports on
Saturdays. Parents and
grandparents retain Sundays.

Many high school students
unwind at computer games
late into the night.

Cram Schools

6 thoughts on “Cram Schools

  1. Hi Joanna,
    I am a New Zealander and I taught English in Korea for six months in 2010, and primary (elementary) school in England January 2011 to January 2012. I was made redundant in 2009 when in my early sixties and could not get work here in New Zealand. We do not get our old age superannuation until we are 65, so I went working overseas until I turned 65. So my writing about Korea and the UK is about how I saw them as a visitor. I have not labelled myself as a New Zealander as much of my writing is about human situations that are not restricted to New Zealand. But Korea does fascinate me, and we have quite a few Koreans living in New Zealand, and also they come here for education in English.
    I think your poetry of daily situations encapsulates what you say about your condition so well.

    All the best. Glenys

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