Why not me?!

They need people like you !

Rich Proctor

In the wake of the bald eagle being unconscionably shot and killed in my area (see yesterday’s post), I feel the call to become an advocate on their behalf.

If you read this blog on any regularity, you know that I have a deep love and passion for these beautiful birds.

With that in mind, moving forward, I have decided to devote a major portion of my photographic efforts to showcasing the astonishing beauty of these magnificent animals, even more than I already have.

It will require a significant upgrade in ability and gear, but damn, somebody has to do it!

Perhaps, at least in my hopeful (and perhaps naive) mind, the awe-inspiring sight of such wonderful beauty will soften the heart of someone who might otherwise do them harm.

If I can save one bald eagle from a similar dark fate, it will be a success.

baldy-flies-away Baldy Flies…

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Why not me?!

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