Blackbird In The Rain

In steady light rain
low clouds compress
the light’s dull glare.
The blackbird’s feathers
sparkle under their fine cloak
of minute droplets.
His chuckles and shrieks of glee
from the clothesline pole
fill the garden as he raises
his head, half spreads his wings
in the sensual joy
of tiny moist diamonds.

Blackbird In The Rain

13 thoughts on “Blackbird In The Rain

      1. You’re welcome! Squirrels or chipmunks or some wild creature broke my birdfeeder and I miss watching them eat. The blue jay would look me in the eye and scold me if the feeder emptied before he or she got their’s. Lol. I’ve been debating over whether to get another one. The sturdy ones cost quite a bit. Then I’ve thought about making one or getting my handy son-in-law to make one. He’s awfully busy, though. Take care.

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