Black Dog

A lowering dense dark
presence at his shoulder
the black dog billows
above him, around him.
He does not look at
kith and kin, workmates,
friends who share his joys,
fascinations, satisfactions
in life, alongside him.

His deep loneliness needs them
stable, secure around him
to give him the fortification
of their steadfastness.

Bitter anger fills him when
their decisions do not
reference his own life,
his needs and wishes.

How far will he go ?

The farmer who feared for
his children and grandchildren
shot all of them to keep
them safely with him.

The separated father shot
his wife and children
to possess them forever.

How far will this man go ?

Black Dog

Together ? Ness ?

How best to find our
innermost human selves ?
As an independent human ?
As a partnership element ?
Is a partnership’s intimate
closeness the place to find
the self ?  Or will it confine
and define the self within
its walls ?  To fit the other
self beside it ? Search for
a partner ?  Or explore the
paths opening up ahead ?

Better a large flower ?
or a cluster of blooms ?
A lone bee ?  Or the
swarm inside the hive ?

A partnership in pain
damages, destroys.  A
partnership in tandem
builds up each one within.

Together ? Ness ?

The Street Seller

She squats on the pavement
her back against
the bank’s glass front,
a few bowls
of vegetables
around her
on the footpath.

Crowds throng past her
and the other
stoic street sellers
along the footpath
in front of modern
plate glassed windows.

The street seller
stares at the feet
passing her by,
rousing herself when
a walker stops
beside her wares.

Now she is motionless again,
her almond eyes
black agates
in dark pockets
in a weather beaten face
framed by limp hair.

Originally posted 13 December 2015.

The Street Seller