For The Sake Of Art

He fulfilled himself in painting
throughout his education.

At his graduating class’  final
exhibition his tall canvases
stood out each portraying
dark eyed human shapes
before individually blended
dark background hues.

Some paintings he could not
let go.  Other paintings did not
resonate with those spending
money on art works.

Mundane employment
supplied his needs but
drained his time, his energy.

Unconnected in his community
he travelled far to a distant
community where like minded
souls lived a fine tuned daily
routine within high walls.

As his money ended her returned
home to his mundane employment.

He still yearns for a world that
supports artists creating art.

For The Sake Of Art

5 thoughts on “For The Sake Of Art

  1. Somehow the society today is in a race(competition) thus for a reason people cannot accept creativeness ,they fear because they themselves are not the same ……they know one kind of life, following masses .The whole educational system,society,our so called priests of Temples and people of Churches they teach us one thing ,don’t be yourself otherwise you are a sinner.

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