Flying Over Greenland: 1990

Engines humming endlessly
cross the vast blue Pacific
over puffs of cloud
stacked over, around each other.
We pierce wispy white white mists
cross dark grey pillows
stretching to the edge of our vision.
Rose tinted clouds give way
to darkness.We land in the middle
of the night, enter a terminal,
sit for two hours, leave again
fly on through darkness. The sky lightens,
rosy hues colour the clouds again
far below, we see another ocean
under puffs and strands of cloud.

Suddenly the seascape transforms
into a huge stark white mass
sprawling under us, blazing in the sunlight.
The screen showing the plane’s path
displays Greenland.
Brilliant white mountains and plateaus
startle our eyes. Greenland’s only green
is along a few narrow coastal strips.
I blink away, then look back.
I do not want to miss this strange sight.

Now we reach the ocean
on the other side of Greenland,
once again clouds soften
the blues of sky and sea.

That brilliant unique land of ice
and snow falls behind, vanishes.

This another very early WordPress post of mine.
Originally posted on 2 December 2015.

Flying Over Greenland: 1990

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