At The Movies

My gold pensioner card
on a weekday morning
bought a discount ticket
at the boutique cinema
to an interesting movie
with a plot and story line.
Alas !  A hulking pensioner
in the row behind held forth
in a constant booming mutter.
“Oh !  Really !”  I yelled and
stomped down to an empty seat
in another row. Phew !
The booming mutter stopped.

One Friday night I went
to a Batman movie in the
central cinema with many
young people coming after work.
They ate their popcorn, drank
their coke and quietly watched
the movie. So I heard and
saw it all though the car
chases made me seasick.

On a Saturday morning
at the boutique cinema
my friend and I bought discount
tickets to see “The Stone Of Scone”.
A pompous grey haired woman
ensconced herself beside me,
droned on at her companion
in a boring booming mutter.
“Excuse me !” I said, “I paid
to hear the movie ! I don’t
want to listen to you !
She sniffed at me disdainfully
but thankfully shut up !


At The Movies

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