A Piece For Sewing Machine

She formed the felt with natural fleeces
in grey, brown and black
light and dark
moulding them into one seamless sheet.

She oversewed it in colours ever changing
in each of the different shapes
mingling narrow slabs with thin triangles,
taking unfamiliar many sided shapes
around new corners to collice
wiht conventional shapes.

The colours are stitched in merging patches
with a sheen in swirling circles:
opulent red – orange – yellow,
rich purple – blue – turquoise.
Strong white is sprinkled with rainbow specks
dark brown scattered with white daubs.

This felted sheet is now
a shifting kaleidoscope of
colours, shapes, lights,
lustrous in the sunshine.

I have decided to post some of my earliest posts again as I had few posts, views, and likes when I first stared out on WordPress. This was posted originallly on 26 November 2015.

A Piece For Sewing Machine

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