His Father’s Son

The boy was small, slightly built,
poorly co-ordinated, lacking speed.
His father loudly bemoaned his dreams
of a family rugby player
when the boy was crushed beneath
schoolboy rugby scrums,
limping, bruised all over.

At high school the boy found hockey,
playing often, at all school games.
Release at last !
His father, disgusted, attended no matches.
Later the boy ran cross country
with the stamina of his wiry frame.

Once they reached adulthood
father was ready for his children’s company,
to lead his son into his adult world.
He found him a place in his yachting crew.

He was bewildered when
the boy turned it down.

His Father’s Son

6 thoughts on “His Father’s Son

  1. Lovely poem, Lifecameo.
    With the latest scandal about the prestigious and very expensive Kings School in Sydney with students practising scrums with live sheep, I would have thought it to be very clear how our education system is failing young people so badly. If it isn’t sex scandals of teachers hiding under students’ beds dressed up as Batman, it is teachers encouraging students to grapple with sheep. And what has rugby got to do with education?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I certainly don’t think rugby should be part of education except by the child’s choice. Unfortunately this particular situation was back in the fifties and sixties, so this attitude would seem to be thoroughly ingrained from quite some years back.


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