My regular old age income
from a strict government
sets me free from
the fears of unemployment
the demands of boss and clients
from the need to go to
other towns and countries
for paid employment.

I am free to live in this little flat
and pay its living costs.
I get up when I wake up.
no one is concerned.

I have no car
no glamorous clothes
no holidays on foreign soil,
three redundancies ended those.
My home is simple,
no modern decor or
kitchen accessories.

Yet I feel newly released
sitting with a cup of tea
gazing out at the soft blue sky
at flowers and leaves
waving in the wind
outside my living room window.



10 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Redundancy is a very tough thing to go through. It’s happened to me once before and seems likely to happy to me again quite soon. I’m full of sympathy that you’ve had to experience it three times. I’m glad that you seem to have emerged from it all with your sense of humor and your ability to appreciate the truly important things in life completely intact.

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