Retirement Flat

This little flat is my home
now I live on my pension.

Three bedrooms’ worth of
household contents were reduced to
two bedrooms’ worth for storage
while I worked abroad.
My boxes and furniture are now
packed in so tightly
it’s hard to squeeze
from room to room.

Square by square
in this rubik’s cube
I ease contents from boxes
into cupboards and drawers.
The Salvation Army take the overflow.
I empty bookshelves,
move them again,
then return their books
Daylight comes through windows
as I take boxes
down from sideboards.

I am slowly fitting into
the glove of my flat,
the sleeve of my pension.

Retirement Flat

3 thoughts on “Retirement Flat

  1. It sounds a bit like our apartment. We seem to have about a small village’s worth of stuff squeezed into our two small bedrooms. Everywhere we look, there are doors straining to burst open and great piles of books or boxes about to topple over. Luckily, the whole arrangement is quite safe just as long as we don’t sneeze.

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  2. Just about to do the same. Huge downsizing. All my collected driftwood, pebbles, what have you that I use to create sculptures and art pieces have been relegated back to nature. The reclamation site was happy to claim all my unsold art pieces and sale them off into the unknown. I hope some souls are able to find the joy I put into their creation. Soon there will be new pieces of wood, stones and art pieces, and the new people to give them to.

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