Oh dear !

I am sorry to have caused considerable concern to those of you who work on night shifts, with my posting “Night Shift” several hours ago. I would like to add the following points.

1) I have not noticed deaths among my co workers who switched between day and night shifts reasonable frequently, as I did. Those who died had all worked night shifts only, for several years at least. I last worked night shifts just over six years ago, and I am still here.

2) Shortage of sleep seems to be part of the difficulty. I throw in an additional point that Margaret Thatcher, and our cooking TV whiz/cookbook writer Alison Holst both worked at top speed for years, brimming over with ideas. Both slept only four hours a night for years, and suffered severe dementia from their early seventies.

3) My attention was drawn to this subject by a large newspaper article a few years before I stopped working for that company – OK,  I was made redundant. I am sure you could read up on ways to help yourself on the internet, just google shift workers.  It does seem important to have sleep time lying down in a dark room. If you can’t sleep, just lie there quietly in a dark room with your eyes closed, try not to think of anything else. If lists keep going round in your head, write them down, then try again.

Oh dear !

6 thoughts on “Oh dear !

  1. No need to apologise x personally speaking, I am aware of the risks, I do carry out dayshifts at weekends also and my sleep is very regimented with strict discipline on my part to get adequate sleep – in the past we’ve had staff drop the nights as they just can’t sleep during the day. I’m lucky I can sleep anytime, within 5 mins I’m gone. It works for me and the family – for now 😊 x

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