Suddenly Retired

Suddenly I am retired
back in my hometown
after toiling for a living
in other towns,
in other countries.

At sixty five my chances ran out.
No other employer will take me on
with referees far away or long gone.
The community expects I will now
live on my pension.

I move into my new home.
Social Welfare give me
forms to fill in to say
I live alone at this address.
They say I will have
a living alone allowance
added to my pension.
They are paying me not to work.

I had always expected to work part time
while living on the pension.
Now the younger unemployed
are hired first.

What will I do ?
It seems only yesterday
that I sat in the library
covering books, gluing labels
fifty years ago.

It’s happened so fast,
what to do now ?
With thirty years still to go ?

Suddenly Retired

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