The tennis club committee spent a weekend
at the beach cabins mingling spouses.
By Sunday night a bewildered young mother
was home with her children but no husband.
As she fell apart he and his new woman
in court won full custody of the children
with supervised visits for their mother.
In time she came to the new age guru’s commune
where caring people helped her healing,
where she found a loving partner and had their child.

The remarried mother of three returned to work
when the youngest started kindergarten.
Working did not halt the slippages
in this second marriage which she desperately
struggled to save for her children’s sake.
As the marriage collapsed she took them
to the new age guru’s commune
where caring people helped their healing.

Gurudom makes dreams come true:
small children for the guru,
cars and land for the bagwan,
lithe blonde actresses for the yogi
underage girls for the religious leaders.

Dreams come undone when those dreams undo others,
when the bagwan is deported, the yogi deserted,
and religious leaders reported
in twenty first century media.

The new age commune’s children grew up,
moved away, and laid charges of abuse
against their guru and his inner clique
who were all found guilty and imprisoned.

Loving mothers, caring healers
sat throughout the lengthy trial,
watched helplessly as their home of healing
crumbled to the ground
smashing it rotten foundations.


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