Mobility Scooter

Walking along the foot path
from the supermarket I heard
a speeding battery motor whirring
behind me, no remote controlled toy
but an elder person’s mobility scooter.

I jumped aside as it shot past me,
a Harley Davidson of Elder travel today.
With four sturdy wheels and
a star trek captain’s throne
flying an aerial with three flags
it powered past me, majestic, magnificent.

Its driver fixed me with a beady eyed stare,
a tiny old lady, her only helmet
her own short grey hair,
emitting strong disdain for
people on foot, lugging shopping bags.

She was gone in seconds
around the corner
leaving me transfixed on the kerb.

Mobility Scooter

17 thoughts on “Mobility Scooter

    1. Could be coming ! I live in a town on a level plain, so there are lots of them. Yesterday it was an electronic wheelchair powering towards me at high speed. What next ?


  1. Glenys, Strangely? Or not? Most of the people using those things might do better if they got out and walked? All too frequently I spy very overweight people who drag them selves into a supermarket then heave their bulk into one of them supplied by the store. When walking around might be the best medicine? For all who really need them? Unreserved apology! Cheers Jamie

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