Birthday Dinner

We are going to dinner at Nana’s place
so that Mummy won’t have to
cook dinner or do dishes
on her birthday.
We are having dinner there early
so that we will be home
for our usual bedtime.
School and kindergarten tomorrow!

We are not wearing party dresses !
How can we not wear party dresses
to a birthday dinner ?
We will put on our necklaces and bracelets.
Claire wears two necklaces,
Chloe wears five.
Mummy says it is time to go !
Daddy does up Claire’s bracelets.
Chloe’s necklace from great granny
breaks a string of pink beads
and Chloe is so upset !
Mummy has to cut that string off,
they pick up the beads up off the floor.
She does up Chloe’s bracelets to cheer her up.

Nana rings to see if we are alright
because Mummy was so sure
she wanted dinner early.
Mummy says we will be there soon !

Now we are all in the car.
Mummy wanted to leave
fifteen minutes ago
but we were dressing up because
it was her birthday dinner !



Birthday Dinner

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