Election Trucks

The candidates’ little trucks are
rigged with canopies and loud speakers,
with flashing neon Korean slogans.

Cramped under truck canopies
go-go girls in skimpy uniforms
dance in unison
to strident election jingles.

As late night shoppers swarm at
busy intersections waiting for
the pedestrians’ buzzers.
these jangling singing dancing trucks
hurtle along under brilliant street lights.

They careen uphill and down
through residential streets
past apartment blocks,
blasting forth their cartoon rhymes
that deafen late night neighbourhoods.

These local politics commercials
pound our ears
with their metallic uproar
concussing our brains.

How will the voters
disentangle the raucous strands
from the city air
to choose their candidates ?

Election Trucks

4 thoughts on “Election Trucks

    1. Yes these trucks were quite different from what I was used to in New Zealand. On a different track, our New Zealand prime minister has unexpectedly discovered she is pregnant having previously tried for some time. She and her partner were told they were probably going to need medical intervention to get pregnant. Their baby is arriving in June, so she must have got pregnant close to our crazy election day last September. Trump can’t beat that.


      1. My last poem goes after my esteemed president …he’s clueless and dangerous at the same time. I did not vote for him. I am glad your prime minister will get her chance for a child. It’s funny how so many really really want a child and then we have this family in California that tortured and underfed 13 kids. Makes no sense to me. Do you live in New Zealand or Australia? or another country…just curious.

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      2. I live in New Zealand. Our Prime Minster and her partner had been trying to get pregnant for a while, and they had started to visit specialists who said it seemed likely that they would need medical intervention to achieve it. As do many others. The strange thing is that a baby due in June would have been conceived close to our last national election on 20 Sept 2017. There were a number of very unpredictable curve balls around that election and its campaigns, very stressful ! This baby is going to be quite a character, I think.

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