Eketahuna Earthquake

In comfortable armchairs
my friend and I enjoy
her cool shady living room
on a hot sunny afternoon,
leisurely chatting, sipping tea.

A grinding roar deafens us.
A giant foot kicks
the back of my chair.
I turn but see no one.
The furniture rocks and sway
the floor undulates
like waves at sea.
What is deafening us  ?

My friend rushes to the doorway
leans against the jamb.
I stare at her,
realise an earthquake
is rocking the house.
I run to the other jamb.

The doorway and floor move freely
as if fixed to nothing,
the roaring grinds on.
It lasts for fifteen seconds
on an epicentre 36 kilometres away.

A builder checked my friend’s chimney,
said the old mortar was no longer
holding its bricks together.
She had it dismantled.

Eketahuna Earthquake

3 thoughts on “Eketahuna Earthquake

  1. 0hmz says:

    I remember the loma prieta quake back in 89, almost the big one. I was at the road and riding my bike, and all of a sudden, the road starts to be wobble and a bystander told me todc pull out of the street and get off my bike.

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  2. One of our daughters and her husband and pre-school girl lived through the Christchurch earthquake. They were okay but it was not a nice experience. My wife and I visited shortly afterwards and experienced the aftershocks so I recognise your door-jamb response. Work later caused them to relocate to Dunedin where they were later joined by another of our daughters and her family. We love NZ, and so do they, despite the shakiness.

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